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Debunking Myths Of Online Learning

by Meg Conlan

EdTech Magazine

Article excerpt

Dispelling Myths about the Online College Student [#Infographic]

The fifth annual Online College Students 2016: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences report, published by The Learning House, attempts to clear up the questions by taking a deeper look at the demographics, fields of study and expectations of 1,500 past, present and prospective online college students.

Our take

Online Learners: Be Careful What You Believe

Who’s learning online and why are they choosing this option? A new report addresses these questions and reveals some interesting data. This infographic presents some interesting data based on a study, now in its fifth year, of online college students’ demographics, areas of study and expectations. It explodes some common myths, including the myth that most online students are older. Are you suffering from some myths about what drives students to learn online?

In considering how you might bring online education to your students it’s important, first, to thoroughly and accurately understand their needs and preferences. Building your classroom for the 21st century requires an understanding of how learners learn and how various learning options, in combination, can best meet their needs.