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Up To Date With Upcoming Ed Tech

by Alec


Article excerpt

Every Hungarian school to get 3D printer within three years through 3DTECH program

The Eastern European nation of Hungary has just set an excellent example when it comes to educational 3D printing. The country’s 3DTECH in Schools program has taken a huge leap forward by welcoming Hungarian 3D printer manufacturer CrafUnique and 3D modeling software developers Leopoly to their team.

Our take

Bringing New Technology to Your Campuses

Students can’t learn about technology if they don’t have access to it. Hungary is making great strides in this arena, recently announcing a partnership that will result in 3D printers in schools around the country. What technologies will your students need to know to ensure their successful participation in the workforce of the future?

It’s difficult to predict what the future will hold in terms of new technology demands, but certain disruptive technologies—like 3D printing—are likely to have a significant impact on how products of the not-so-distant future are developed. This and other emerging tools need to be evaluated strategically to determine just what sort, and what level, of access students will need to be well prepared to enter the workforce. As in this example, schools may be able to partner with vendors to gain access to emerging technology to aid in student education.