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Cut Costs, Build Competency

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Transforming Teaching at Fresno State with Tablets

Fresno State is big on reducing the cost of college. Being able to use open educational resources widely across campus could go a long way toward that goal — achievable only if students were outfitted with a means for working with those digital resources. But perhaps the most compelling reason to launch “DISCOVERe,” the university’s tablet program, was to nudge its faculty into integrating technology into their courses and teaching.

Our take

Teachers and Tech Coming Together

Many school systems are providing students with tablets to use in the classroom. But if those students’ teachers aren’t proficient with the technology, the potential of these devices may not be realized. Could providing faculty with tablets in a voluntary setting encourage more integration of technology into coursework?

Fresno State thinks so. They’re testing the ability to boost teacher confidence and competence with technology through a pilot that includes training and hands-on workshops. The pilot is voluntary and low-pressure for teachers. Considering that many instructors may still be fairly inexperienced with tech, that can be a good way to minimize risk and anxiety.