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Cultivating Future Ed Tech Teachers

by Kirk Baird

eSchool News

Article excerpt

When Minecraft is a calculated lesson plan

Mark Stevens, an education technology instructor at Bowling Green State University, is employing a still-in-development educational version of Minecraft as a learning tool, not only for school-age children and teens, but for his own students as well. His goal is for his students to create in-class curricula, say, fourth-grade math or second-grade level reading, in Minecraft, and discover, as future instructors, how they can use emerging technologies in a classroom.

Our take

Cultivating Future Ed Tech Teachers

Many of today’s teachers are having to play catch up when it comes to adopting, and adapting to, ed tech in their classrooms. That won’t be the case in the future as children grow up using technology. One education technology instructor is making sure of that; he’s creating an educational version of Minecraft which will give students experience in creating curricula using emerging technology. Can this tool play a role in preparing next generation ed tech teachers?

Today’s teachers understand that education needs to be about more, much more, than rote memorization. Involving children in creating their own learning opportunities is a great way to help them learn important problem-solving and strategy skills. Finding ways to prepare students for the jobs of the future, as this instructor is doing, can help ensure that these skills deliver practical value in the future. With technology becoming a fundamental part of all industries, the ability to groom the next generation of instructors—steeped in ed tech know-how—is critical.