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Have You Crossed Off Cross-Curricular Classes?

by Kimberly Greene

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Why every class should be cross-curricular

Cross-curricular and critical thinking are rather different educational concepts. But when they work together, they can truly help reshape teaching practice.

Our take

Taking a Broader Approach to Teaching—and Learning

Math principles do not exist in a silo. Neither do English principles, science principles, history principles, etc. As this teacher points out, taking a more cross-curriculum approach to learning, and introducing students to the principles of critical thinking, can boost engagement and outcomes. How could you instill some of these concepts into your classrooms?

Collaboration is an invaluable part of learning – and technology can certainly help facilitate environments that make collaboration more seamless, interesting, and meaningful. No longer is a single teacher, teaching a single subject, necessarily the best model for instruction. Taking a cross-curricular approach to teaching students about any subject can be aided through collaboration fueled by ready access to technology.