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Creating Social Media Success Stories in Education

by Meris Stansbury

eCampus News

Article excerpt

5 major trends in higher education’s use of social media

If you want to know how other colleges and universities are using social media today, know this: they’re using it like any other media-savvy millennial. From a spike in “giving days” and crowdfunding campaigns to a heavy focus on multimedia, higher education has become a social media heavy-hitter.

Our take

Social Media Holds Practical Potential for Universities

Social media isn’t just for fun and games—or simply socializing. In higher education, social media can represent a conduit for learning, engagement, and operational impacts; this CASE study offers insights into how these institutions are using social media. How does your school stack up?

According to CASE’s 2015 report, there are some best practices that are shared among universities that are seeing success through social media use. These include using a wide range of channels, frequent posting, and incorporating images. Social media can be used to connect with future students and their families; and to inform, educate and engage current students. One primary area of opportunity—fundraising; 64 percent of successful schools are raising money by using social media.