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Creating a Roster Stacked With Innovators

by Peter West

eSchool News

Article excerpt

How to hire technology leaders, not followers

Hiring in today’s tech-driven schools requires a careful resculpting. Are you asking candidates the right questions?

Our take

Re-sculpting for a Culture of Technological Innovators

Every school system is comprised of staff that fall along a continuum from innovators to laggards when it comes to technology. School systems, though, have an opportunity to move the curve further toward the innovator end of the spectrum, this author suggests. Could you adjust your hiring process to ensure that your new hires have the technology knowledge, skills and abilities that can help move your system forward?

By more concerted attention to the recruiting and hiring process, school systems can effectively “resculpt” their organizations to boost technology competencies. They can do this by rating new hires on some specific attributes designed to assess their belief in “the technology enhanced paradigm” and including these criteria in the decision-making process for bringing new instructors on board. The same process also could be used for other key hires.