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Connecting to a Community of Educators

by Helen Zille

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Article excerpt

The endless possibilities of eLearning

If used correctly, eLearning can be a game changer. Our vision is to use technology to enable every child and every educator, anywhere, to access the best learning material, the best teachers, and the best teaching methods.

Our take

An Open Source of Information to Augment Local Expertise

Opportunities in eLearning are being explored around the globe; best practices and lessons learned can serve as important insights as educational institutions consider their own educational delivery systems. Could you be looking outside your school system to gather information and insights from instructors in other settings?

This example of an e-portal that is populated with educational materials from a variety of sources, in a variety of forms, could serve as a starting point for considerations about how your school system might use an open source, collaborative, approach to curate and make available information relevant to user needs. For instance, schools in remote or rural areas, might draw input from experts around the globe to populate their own “landing pages”—not to replace or diminish the work of your own teachers, but to support their efforts.