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Connect Your Campus Through IoT

by Seth Atkinson and Rob Curtin


Article excerpt

Connected Campus Experiences in the Age of IoT

Educational institutions have begun to recognize the potential benefits from these IoT solutions applied to their campuses. Operational efficiencies can lower costs, and reduced consumption can lower carbon footprint, aligning with an institution’s goals for fiduciary and social responsibility.

Our take

The Impact of the Internet of Things

The idea of the “connected campus” is getting a lot of buzz these days as the Internet of Things (IoT) moves beyond concept to reality. The connected campus can improve the ability of schools to anticipate and meet student needs while helping to cut administrative costs and staff burden. What opportunities exist for your classrooms or campus?

The IoT ties technology to physical devices to allow information to be gathered, stored in the cloud, analyzed and assessed to better manage time and resources. For instance, in an education environment the IoT could be used to determine when wastebaskets need to be emptied, to study how often various classroom or library resources are being used, or to evaluate the popularity of playground equipment. It’s a trend that’s likely to pick up steam in the months ahead and was an area of focus at SXSWedu 2016.