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Computer Science Knowledge: A Need, Not a Want

by Linda Moore

Tech Crunch

Article excerpt

Computer science is the key to America’s skills crisis

The United States faces a global competitiveness crisis that, if not addressed, will put our nation at a strategic disadvantage for decades to come. In just a few years, there will be 1.8 million jobs unfilled in our nation because we don’t have enough individuals trained with the necessary technical skills to fill them.

Our take

Throwing Money at Computer Science Not A Sound Solution

We live in a world underpinned by computer technology at every turn, yet we are turning out far too few future employees who know how to make those computers work. That’s a problem that has been widely lamented. According to this piece, only one in 10 schools currently offers programming classes. That’s a significant gap that needs to be closed. What are we going to do about it?

Throwing money at the problem is not enough this author points out. Despite significant contributions by tech giants like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and President Obama’s inclusion of $4 billion in his budget proposal for computer science education, more needs to be done. Specifically, the requirement of computer science courses for high school graduation and the assurance that such classes will be available to students in underserved areas. Making this happen, though, requires not only budget, but infrastructure, access and policy changes.