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Woman Helping Students

Computer Science: Come One, Come All

by Kate Taylor and Claire Cain Miller

The New York Times

Article excerpt

De Blasio to Announce 10-Year Deadline to Offer Computer Science to All Students

To ensure that every child can learn the skills required to work in New York City’s fast-growing technology sector, Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce on Wednesday that within 10 years all of the city’s public schools will be required to offer computer science to all students. Meeting that goal will present major challenges, mostly in training enough teachers.

Our take

Building Teacher STEM Competencies Through Technology

The New York City school system is one of a number to make bold announcements about a commitment to ramping up offerings in science, technology, engineering and math—or STEM. But these lofty commitments raise a practical conundrum—how can teachers teach STEM if they don’t understand the concepts themselves?

Professional development (PD) may be a necessity here. In fact, it almost certainly will be. Teachers already in school systems have not been trained on how to best deliver on these promises. Recent graduates may also be coming into their new roles with learning gaps that must somehow be filled. One opportunity may be partnering with technology firms to help provide this training; creative PD options should also be considered—like online elearning options, cross-system collaboration fueled by technology, even social-media based interactions (like Twitter chats, Facebook groups, etc.).