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College Applications, Made Simpler

by Eric Hoover

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Article excerpt

Group of Colleges Unveils Plan for New, Streamlined Application

A group of more than 80 private and public colleges has formally announced plans to develop a free platform that would “streamline the experience of planning for applying to college,” according to its website. As The Chronicle first reported last fall, the shared application would allow students to apply to one or more member institutions.

Our take

Simplifying the College Application Process

It can take a lot of time and effort for students to apply for college. The longer their list of potential schools, the more time and effort. But, that may be changing. Are there opportunities for you to review, and potentially revamp, your application process by leveraging technology?

Technology can play a role not just in the classroom, but also before students ever get there as this new effort shows; students and colleges are both likely to benefit from streamlined application process. This group of some 80 private and public colleges have come together to expedite the process; there may be opportunities for your school to do the same.