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Collaboration Needed to Power Infrastructure

by Sean Cavanagh

Education Week

Article excerpt

CAOs and CTOs Ramp Up on Collaboration

If there was ever a time when school districts’ chief academic officers and chief technology officers could work in their own silos, isolated from each other, those days appear to be over.

Our take

Tearing Down the Walls

The walls are coming down between IT pros and other silos within K-12 school systems. Chief academic officers (CAOs) are increasingly recognizing the critical need to partner with IT colleagues to ensure strategic consideration of the right choices to power the school system’s infrastructure as well as instructional delivery. How can you help to foster these relationships in your school system?

Technology is no longer just about supporting a school’s infrastructure. As technology has increasingly come to fuel new methods of learning and teaching, the benefits of communication and collaboration have become increasingly apparent. Providing opportunities to bring IT staff into conversations around technology needs—not only in the classroom, but throughout the school system—can help to identify opportunities and best practices. Get those conversations started!