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Kids in Front of Laptop

Coding Lessons Disguised as Minecraft

by Laura Devaney

eSchool News

Article excerpt

New Minecraft tutorial teaches kids coding

Designed for ages 6 and up, the Minecraft tutorial introduces players to basic coding skills, encouraging them to navigate, mine, craft and explore in a 2D Minecraft world by plugging together blocks to complete all actions and generate computer code. Players are offered a set of 14 challenges, including free play time, to explore coding concepts they’ve learned through the tutorial.

Our take

Minecraft: A Trojan Horse for STEM Learning?

Minecraft is a hot ticket for children these days—an addictive game that requires creative and analytical thinking; the addition of basic coding as part of the process can be a good way to introduce young students to this high-demand skill. How might Minecraft play a role in your curriculum for engaging students in STEM-related educational activities?

When learning feels like playing, students are often more engaged; that engagement can boost comprehension and retention. One in three United States students have already participated in the Hour of Code which teaches them coding concepts through a tutorial that engages them in creating and exploring a 2D world. The game could have relevance for a variety of subjects—from math, to science to art, and more.