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Collaboration via Cloud Technology

by Jeremy Sharp

Times Higher Education

Article excerpt

Cloud technology: the advantages and disadvantages for universities

Cloud technology and services create some challenges, but certainly present great opportunities in education.” So said John Cartwright, chairman of the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association – or Ucisa ­– at the Jisc technology forum earlier this month.

Our take

Beyond Email: Using the Cloud for Collaboration—and More

A study by Jisc, a UK-based ed tech firm, supports the benefits of cloud technology in collaboration and sharing. Whether private (available only within a certain institution), or public (available to the masses—like email applications), cloud technology has dramatically impacted the need to purchase proprietary software, and its associated time-consuming and often costly updates. Education has been somewhat slow to adopt cloud technology, though; is now the time to make the move?

Security is certainly a concern and the real cost savings need to be worked out based on specific applications, but as this survey indicates there may be real benefits to be attained beyond administrative applications. Bringing together key stakeholders can help to identify areas of opportunity and launch conversations to identify best practices.