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Classrooms Level Up

by David Nagel

THE Journal

Article excerpt

Report: Games and Online Video Gain Traction in Education

Nearly half of all teachers — 48 percent — are using games in their instruction now, according to a new Speak Up research report released by Project Tomorrow. That’s more than double the percentage from five years ago (23 percent).

Our take

Let’s Play Games!

A recent Speak Up report from Project Tomorrow indicates that 48 percent of responding teachers are using games as part of their instruction—up from 23 percent just five years ago. If you’re among the 52 percent not yet incorporating games into your curriculum, what new options and opportunities might work in your classrooms?

Games in the classroom are nothing new; teachers have been incorporating gaming and play into their courses for generations. Today, though, classroom gaming opportunities are vastly expanded due to technology options that range from apps to virtual and augmented reality. A wide array of options exist, both traditional and digital, to serve varied needs based on age, learning preference, budgets and space.