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Classroom Technology: What Are the Rules?

  • September 11, 2015|
  • 3 years ago

by Preston Willett


Article excerpt

New policy helps protects kids using technology in the classroom

On Tuesday, a new “acceptable use” policy went into place in Aiken County. The previous policy was updated in 2012, but still had some base principles from the 1990’s. School leaders say an updated policy is needed with new technology popping up daily in the hands of nearly every student.

Our take

Dust Off Those Outdated Technology Policies to Ensure 21st Century Readiness

Whether students are bringing their own, or using your, devices, many school systems need to brush off outdated technology policies to ensure that they are sufficient to address current user needs and issues. As one school’s use case points out, the introduction of technology tools in the classroom raises security and other issues that must be addressed through well communicated policy. How can you ensure that your policies are sufficient to protect your school system—and its students?

First, take a close look at existing policies. As this school district found, even though they had updated their policy in 2012, some outmoded content from the 1990’s was still in place. Make sure that your policy addresses the school’s technology, mobile devices that students may bring to class, privacy and security concerns and guidelines for appropriate use. The policies of other school districts, such as Aiken County, can be a good starting point and source of best practices.