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Classroom Technology Use on the Rise

by Laura Devaney

eSchool News

Article excerpt

K-8 classroom technology use increasing

Technology use is increasing, with 4 out of 5 teachers saying they will use classroom technology more frequently during the 2015-2016 school year, according to a survey from Front Row Education, a company that provides adaptive, gamified and data driven education programs. The largest driver of this increase appears to be access to devices, with more than three-fourths of 1,000 surveyed teachers noting that the availability of classroom technology resources at their school is either good (40 percent) or great (37 percent).

Our take

An Uptick in Teacher Adoption of Technology

Technology has been present in the classroom for some time now; this survey suggests that teachers at the K-8 level are increasingly making use of the technology that is available to them. Their use is driven by the availability of technology and the achievement of desired learner outcomes. Are you providing the infrastructure to promote technology adoption among your teachers?

If teachers have access to technology in the classroom, they’re likely to use it—but only if that technology can effectively drive the results they’re seeking. That means more than simply putting the equipment in place. Providing training and ongoing support can help to encourage utilization. Importantly, this study did not find any differences in adoption based on age or number of years teaching.