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Classroom Technology: Familiarity Wins

by Jena Passut

EdTech Magazine

Article excerpt

TCEA 2016: Panelists Debate the Hottest K–12 Technologies

Notebooks and video conferencing are among the hottest technologies in education right now. That’s according to four experts who figuratively duked it out during a panel discussion Wednesday to determine “what’s hot and what’s not” in K–12 technology.

Our take

Not Ready for Robotics

There are a lot of technology options available to educators–and students–these days, but which ones are gaining the most traction? This panel suggests that notebooks, video conferencing and makerspaces top the list. How are you incorporating these technologies into your classrooms?

While 3D printing, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) tend to hog the headlines, the tech tools that really rule are far more familiar, at least according to these panelists. From a practical standpoint, tools like video conferencing offer options for interaction across geographies and the ability to bring new, often hard-to-access, information to students. While the potential of technology is certainly compelling, for now teachers may be glad to know that, at least according to these panelists, some of the tools they’re already familiar with are serving student needs just fine.