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Choosing The Right Cloud Resource

by Jacquelyn Bengfort

EdTech Focus on K-12

Article excerpt

Cloud in the Classroom Is a Secure, Efficient Solution

The schoolchildren of today are the digital citizens of tomorrow, and the cloud will be a big part of their future. One of the biggest benefits of bringing technology into classrooms earlier is that students will begin to use it in a new and more integrated way.

Our take

Collaborating to Select the Right Cloud Resources Our Take

Early skepticism about the security of cloud technology is giving way to amped up adoption in K-12 schools. There are big benefits to be gained for all. Google Apps for Education (GAfE) has had a major impact and has been widely adopted; Microsoft is also entering the ring with Microsoft Classroom. Which of these, or others, might present the biggest benefit for your school system? The answer, says Garner analyst Jeffrey Mann in this article, depends on each school’s “personality.” Important issues such as security and usability must be considered, along with costs. These are decisions that should be based on discussions between IT and others, including administrators, teachers and even students.