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Why Choose Online or In-Person?

by Sri Ravipati

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Udacity Connect Offers Face-to-Face Sessions

In a pilot program, Nanodegree students who combined their online education with in-person study sessions through UConnect saw a 30 percent increase in project submissions and were more likely to complete their Nanodegree program than the students learning only online.

Our take

Beyond an Either-Or Proposition

From classroom to online and back again. Research and experience suggest that neither setting alone may achieve the best balance between efficiency and efficacy. That’s what Udacity has discovered and it’s taking steps to augment its online learning options with in-person study sessions. Is it time to move away from an “all or nothing” approach?

There’s no reason that teaching or learning have to take place in a single environment. Technology options can enable and augment learning in, as well as outside, the classroom, creating connections and experiences that were previously impossible, if not cost prohibitive. Thinking about how a wide range of teaching options could be brought to bear most effectively, by understanding student learning needs and preferences, can help to reap the benefits of both worlds.