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Students Gathered with Devices

Can We Learn From Selfies?

by Lana Sweeten-Shults

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Introducing the math selfie

In Moser’s fourth-grade math class, students worked out equivalent fractions the traditional way — with old-fashioned pencil and paper — and then used an app called WordFoto that creates works of art using images of the students and the equivalent fractions they worked out. The students can upload the photos so that parents can see them and can make comments.

Our take

What Selfies—and Other Tech Applications—Can Teach Us

When practicality meets technology in ways that create a fun learning environment for students, magic can happen. These teachers are finding ways to use popular digital native activities—like taking selfies—into teaching moments. Who knew selfies could teach grade-schoolers about fractions?

Teachers are increasingly being encouraged to shadow their students to develop a better understanding of how they spend their time—and how they engage with technology. Such insights can fuel innovation like the ideas shared in this piece. Using multiple methods of conveying information and instruction, including some that are fueled through the technology tools that students are so engaged with these days, can help to ensure that various learning preferences are addressed and that students are able to draw practical connections between information and its application.