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Calling For Learning Engineers

by Bror Saxberg


Article excerpt

The Case for Learning Engineers in Education

We need learning engineers. By this phrase (first used, as far as I am aware, in the 1960’s by Herbert Simon, the computer-scientist and Nobel-prize winning economist), we mean people who are deliberately trained and focused on designing and systematically improving learning environments at scale in measurable ways.

Our take

How Teaching—and Learning—Needs to Change

The nature of what today’s students need to know to succeed in tomorrow’s jobs is changing significantly, but methods of teaching aren’t changing fast enough to catch up with these shifts asserts this author. Is a transformative change in teaching becoming an increasing priority?

In short, yes. Technology is changing the nature of work and demanding new ways of thinking about how technology can be developed, leveraged and applied in increasingly new ways. That demands a greater comfort with ambiguity and the ability to problem-solve—skill development that goes far beyond rote memorization. While this piece doesn’t outline all of the answers, it lays out some key issues for consideration and discussion.