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Building Computers In The Classroom

by Marian Oswald


Article excerpt

Teaching Kids to Build Computers

By building computers from scratch, students are learning the intricacies of the most important devices of the modern world. Students gain the technology skills desirable on college applications and resumes while also developing an interest that can expand class.

Our take

Should Students Understand How to Build Computers?

Coding is cool, but even cooler is building computers from scratch. As far back as 1998, some schools have been teaching students to build, maintain and fix computers through elective classes. Currently, only about one quarter of high schools offer classes in computer science which could serve to drive a higher level of understanding. Would your students benefit from such options?

Understanding the whole of computing can be a good way to help students to break down all of the elements that make things work. In an environment where so many aspects of life and living will soon be driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), ensuring this foundational knowledge can help fuel the growing demand for tech talent. Summer camps sometimes offer opportunities to immerse students in computer science principles and practice, but there may be a place for this kind of applied learning during the traditional school year as well.