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Blogging and Coursework: A Perfect Pair?

by Christopher Pappas

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

7 Tips To Use Blogs In eLearning Course Design

A free blogging platform gives you the opportunity to reach out to your online learners and provide them with an eLearning forum to share their thoughts and opinions. Here are some tips to help you integrate blogs in eLearning course design.

Our take

Using Blogs to Boost Online Engagement

Blogs can be a great way to engage students in the content of their coursework, regardless of the subject matter. But to use this online tool effectively, instructors need to establish some guidelines and be clear about their expectations says this author. Could you incorporate blogging into your coursework?

While English or writing courses may seem like the best, or only, fit for blogging, blogs are a tool that could actually be incorporated into just about any classroom setting. And, as this author points out, blogs can be especially useful in e-learning environments—they offer an opportunity for students to consider, research, write about and comment on course-related topics and can help to boost socialization in an online environment.