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Blended Model To Save Struggling Readers

by Judith Culang and Linda Baker

eSchool News

Article excerpt

This district’s blended learning program is putting struggling readers back on track

Our blended model starts with an engaging digital curriculum, one-to-one instruction, and small-group work. After we implemented this approach districtwide last year, we saw enormous growth in a majority of our students, especially among struggling or reluctant readers.

Our take

It Takes a Village—and Technology

To boost reading success, Neshaminy School District, near Philadelphia, has implemented a blended approach involving parents, technology, one-on-one instruction and group work to better meet the needs of struggling students. Technology offers opportunity to approach learning in different ways as this school district’s experience illustrates. How could you apply technology to help boost student outcomes in your district?

Blended and personalized learning, fueled through today’s technologies, can be used in different ways to address learning needs across a variety of subjects. By combining in-class and out-of-class work and instruction, and increasing parents’ involvement, schools can engage students in ways that are both educational and fun. It’s important to remain cognizant, though, of the impact of these approaches on students who may not have access to technology outside of the classroom.