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Blended Learning: The Best of Both Worlds

by Jordan Friedman

US News & World Report

Article excerpt

Blended Learning Options Rise at Medical Schools

When Phil Koehler completed his pediatrics rotation as a third-year student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, the in-person clinical training wasn’t the only requirement. He also participated in Online discussion boards with clinicians and other students and viewed computer-based simulations of different patient scenarios.

Our take

Blending Learning Reveals New Opportunities

Blended learning applications are being adopted, with good reception, in medical school environments. It’s a form of flipped education that may hold promise for other degree programs. Classes are provided partially in traditional settings and partially Online, where technology can be used to help students connect with instructors and other experts, complete self-assessments, leverage virtual reality and more. Could this approach work for some of your programs?

Medical school isn’t the only area of study that could benefit from opportunities for students to gain broader insights through Online interactions, or simulated experiences through virtual or augmented reality. Engaging in discussions with educators and students about how blended learning could help to provide a richer learning experience can be a good starting point for exploring options.