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Blended Learning 2.0 Has Arrived

by Patricia Daddona

District Administration

Article excerpt

Blended 2.0 shifts learning in schools

In blended 2.0, students work at their own pace and rely on the internet and technology as well as the teacher to inform instruction. They may work in groups, individually and with coaching from the teacher.

Our take

Students Gravitate to Self-Directed Learning

Augmenting teacher-selected resources with the vast array of information now available online can bring blended learning to the next level–blending learning 2.0–according to this article. Are there opportunities for your students to combine self-exploration with your instruction in meaningful ways?

Gone are the days when a wise teacher was the sole source of insights about any given topic. Today’s students, raised with technology, are quite comfortable finding the answers to their questions online. It’s a shift that teachers must get comfortable with and, indeed, leverage to boost learning. As one survey highlighted in this article shows, such involvement boosts engagement and confidence with problem solving. There are many opportunities today for educators to leverage students’ natural gravitation toward technology.