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Bill Nye’s Newest Theory

by Mary Jo Madda


Article excerpt

Bill Nye the Science Guy' on Science Education, Unequal WiFi, and Misuse of the Word 'Disruption'

When it comes to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), Bill Nye the Science Guy is always open to the next big hypothesis—but he’s not easily sold on the newest gadgets and gizmos. “Every time I come to San Francisco, I see these posters for tech companies in the airport, and I think, not every technology is going to be disruptive,” he said at a May 5 lecture he gave as part of the Stanford Graduate School of Education’s Cubberley Lecture Series.

Our take

Bill Nye Back in the News

We know him as the “science guy”—a popular figure from the 1990’s who made science fun long before technology emerged to put science at the forefront of education, and industry. But he’s not entirely enamored of high tech. “Incremental advances are good,” he says. He emphasizes the need for students to have “the joy of discovery,” especially in STEM-related courses. Does he have a point?

As Nye notes, not all new tech trends will take root. Perhaps, though, as he suggests, the greatest opportunity for engaging students in STEM-related activities isn’t so much having them use what has been created by others, but having them explore and invent through their own discovery.