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Big Data, Big Influence

by Peter Pham


Article excerpt

The Impacts Of Big Data That You May Not Have Heard Of

Big Data has had a tremendous impact on businesses from customer relations to supply chain operations and will continue to do so” says Edwin Miller, CEO of 9Lenses. While many may not be aware of it, Big Data has indeed made a significant impact on many traditional businesses.

Our take

Using Big Data to Drive Innovation

The problem with big data is that it is so big. Many struggle to make effective use of the massive amounts of data they have access to, much of which simply sits untouched in various data warehouses, both proprietary and cloud-based. Still, this author points to some clear benefits that big data can bring to organizations, noting that those organizations that use big data effectively tend to be highly valued by investors. Could more effective use of big data provide benefits to your school system?

Big data is revolutionizing industries, including the education industry, but it must be strategically leveraged to produce information that can impact organizational and learning outcomes. Big data in education has the potential to streamline and enhance decision-making around curriculum, teaching methods, recruitment, and, in higher education settings, student selection. IT professionals believe in its efficacy according to the CSC Global CIO Survey cited in this article: 70 percent say their big data investments have had a positive impact on innovation.