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Big Data, Big Decisions

by Dina Kurzweil and Sean Baker

Educause Review

Article excerpt

The Internet of Things for Educators and Learners

The Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center sought predictions about the impact of the Internet over the next 10 years in an online canvas conducted between November 2013, and January 2014. The vast majority of respondents to the 2014 Future of the Internet survey agreed that the expanding networking of everything and everyone — the IoT and embedded and wearable devices — would have widespread beneficial and challenging effects by 2025.

Our take

Big Data and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or the network of connected devices that is beginning to power a wide range of industries and interactions, is poised to impact the education industry as well. What are the implications for teachers, students, administrators and the community at large?

There are potential big benefits from connected devices that can provide information and education in a wide range of ways. There are, though, also security and privacy concerns that emerge when these devices gather and store information about users. Educators and administrators must strike a balance that will allow them, and their students, to benefit from the IoT but that will also ensure that student and parent information is secure. The factors surrounding big data’s role in education require thoughtful consideration and ultimately, big decisions.