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Beyond Lectures: Tools to Help Engage Students

by Educators Technology

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Article excerpt

16 Great Educational Web Tools and Apps for Inquiry-Based Learning

Unlike traditional learning methods that focus primarily on drills, memorization and rote learning, inquiry-based learning is essentially student-centered. It starts with posing questions and directly involves students in challenging hands-on activities that drive students to ask more questions and explore different learning paths.

Our take

Multiple Tech Options Boost Engagement Potential

Students can learn more through being actively engaged in the learning process than they can by simply listening to instructors instruct. We know that, but it can be challenging to find engaging ways of incorporating inquiry-based learning into the classroom. These 16 tools may offer some help.

From web tools, to apps, there are a multitude of ways to bring technology into the classroom—or send it home with students. Teachers can engage students in creating their own text-based or visual content, in exercises that involve sharing and collaboration, and through gamification opportunities designed to make learning fun. What would you add to the list?