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Beyond The Busy Work

by Meghan Bogardus Cortez


Article excerpt

Teachers Are Confident About Using Technology, Now More Than Ever

Of the educators who use technology each day in the classroom, most use it for drills, review and practice exercises. The vast majority reported that tech is used for interactive projects and collaboration only a few times a week, month or year.

Our take

How Is Ed Tech Being Used In Your Classrooms?

While teachers report that they are increasingly comfortable with the use of technology in the classroom, a recent survey from Education Week suggests that this comfort is more around drills and practice exercises, and less around innovative applications that could spur engagement and better learning outcomes. How is technology being put to use in your classrooms?

If you don’t already know, it may be worth finding out. Encouraging teachers to share their experiences, practices and even hesitations can help to start conversations. The use of a rubric, or tool, to help identify appropriate ways to put technology to use in the classroom can help teachers think creatively about where, and how, new ed tech options might be applied. Bloom’s taxonomy and the SAMR model both offer some direction—or you might develop your own tool. It’s a good way to get discussions around effective ed tech adoption started.