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Benefits of Personalized Professional Development for Educators

by Maria Derivan-George


Article excerpt

Personalizing for Teacher Needs

However, what educators may want at certain stages in their careers may not be as evident. In my work as an instructional coach, I’ve discussed this topic many times with teachers, and their desires vary based on how long they’ve spent in education. What do teachers want at different stages in their career?

Our take

PD: One Size Does Not Fit All

Just as students have personal and individual learning needs, so do teachers. Addressing these needs individually, based on teachers’ years of experience, comfort in the classroom and current competencies can help to ensure that they’re getting the support they need to effectively serve students. Should you be taking a more personalized approach to professional development (PD)?

Beginning, middle-of-the-road and veteran teachers all may need different approaches and different types of learning materials and PD formats to help them become comfortable as they navigate the many new options afforded to them through ed tech. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but the ideas presented here can be a good starting point for exploring some new ways of connecting with teachers who may be at very different points in terms of their interest, comfort level and competencies related to technology in the classroom.