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Benefits of Big Data

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Article excerpt

UC San Diego Builds Early Warning System, Targets On-Time Graduation Rates

Like many early warning systems, the Time-to-Degree Early Warning System provides advisers with a dashboard showing how a student is performing across key indicators. But UCSD is focused, at least for now, on boosting on-time graduation—and its tool reflects this by providing a simple ranking from 0 to 10 of whether the student is on-track for four-year graduation.

Our take

Boosting On-Time Graduation Through Technology

Technology doesn’t represent benefits only for classroom instruction. Today’s technology also provides the ability to mine the value behind big data to predict various types of outcomes and future occurrences—like graduation rates. The ability to respond to early warning signals can provide educators opportunities to improve in this and other areas of performance. Could this type of data mining prove beneficial for your campus?

It’s worth watching UC San Diego’s experience as they roll out their early warning tool with advisers this fall. Their intent is to boost the number of students graduating on time by providing advisers with an early indication that on-time graduation may be at risk. The tool may both prove to be a benefit for students—and a time-saver for advisers.