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Becoming Future-Ready, Not Tech Heavy

by Jon Phillips


Article excerpt

9 Steps to a Future-Ready Education

No matter the region, schools across the United States are recognizing the importance of adopting the right technology solutions today in preparation for the learning demands of tomorrow and beyond. In other words, they are becoming “future ready.”

Our take

A New Way of Thinking About IT

The rapid shifts in technology that are taking place around the globe mean that technology decisions can’t be made based on today’s needs. Becoming “future ready” from a technology standpoint in schools requires more than one-off adoption of the latest, greatest tools; it requires sound strategy. What role is strategy playing in your school system’s technology adoption decisions?

Not that long ago, IT decisions were often made in a vacuum, with IT leading the way. Today, it takes a village to consider how technology can be leveraged to improve the learning experience. That requires conversations and collaborations between IT, administration, instructors, students, parents and others. As the industry continues to define the modern classroom, it’s important to have trusted resources to turn to. These conversations can help you look strategically to the future to make solid decisions about the role of technology in your classrooms.