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Bag The Buzz—What’s It All Mean?

by Jin-Soo Huh


Article excerpt

‘It’s Personalized, Online, and Blended’: How to Make Edtech Buzzwords Substantive

Consider this situation: An administrator hears a buzzword multiple times at a conference and excitedly comes back to implement it at their school. Before you know it, the buzzword starts trending on Twitter and vendors stamp it on their marketing. Schools with just a trace of the original idea claim to be leading innovators in the field.

Our take

Beyond the Buzz

Buzzwords proliferate in education, even moreso it seems these days as technology comes along with buzzwords of its own. But without relevant meaning behind the terminology, the promise of new approaches may not be realized. How can you ensure that you fully understand the meaning behind the buzz?

Using “personalized learning” as the model buzzword for his recommendations, this author offers some advice on how to move beyond the buzz to get at the real meaning. For instance: avoid the tendency to get too excited about the latest, greatest, ed tech trend; connect buzz to context; and engage in conversations with other educators who are likely to be equally as mystified about the real meaning behind trending terminology.