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Badging is for Teachers, Too

by Terry Grier


Article excerpt

So You Want to Drive Instruction With Digital Badges? Start With the Teachers.

While badging for students shows real promise, a partnership between the Houston Independent School District (HISD) and VIF International Education demonstrates that in the short run the best approach to scaling digital badging is not to focus on students, but on their teachers.

Our take

Technology-Enabled PD: Give Them a Badge!

Many educators today are well familiar with the badges they may have earned while in the Girl or Boy Scouts. That same concept is taking hold in educational circles as online learning becomes increasingly prevalent. Badges are a way of acknowledging learning or skill mastery. Today’s learners are able to track and store their earned badges in digital portfolios. One school’s experience with introducing digital badges suggests that the first area of focus should be teachers, not students. Could you use badging to support your professional development (PD) efforts?

The need for PD is greater than ever before given the impacts of technology on the educational industry. New tools and methods of instruction are continually emerging and both administrators and instructors are struggling to stay on top of all of the changes, and the opportunities that accompany these changes. Digital badging can be a great way to deliver instruction, monitor progress and maintain records of proficiency. Starting with teachers can also identify best practices and key lessons for expanding into student badging applications.