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Badge Of Honors

by Paul Fain

Inside Higher Ed

Article excerpt

Digital, Verified and Less Open

Digital badges aren’t replacing the bachelor’s degree any time soon. But a growing number of colleges are working with vendors to use badges as an add-on to degrees, to help students display skills and accomplishments that transcripts fail to capture.

Our take

Better With Badges?

Educational institutions are exploring ways that digital badges might prove useful as an add-on to traditional college degrees. They offer an opportunity to respond quickly to changing employer/market needs to augment formal programs. One in five colleges have issued digital badges according to a survey from the University Professional Continuing Education Association and Pearson, generally working with outside providers to manage the process. Could badging help to augment your degree programs?

The rapid pace of change, driven in large degree by technology advances, increasingly means that much of what is learned over a traditional four-year degree timeframe may be obsolete by the time students graduate. While digital badges aren’t likely to replace traditional degree programs in the near future, they can be used to help augment a student’s studies and to provide evidence to potential employers of student achievement.