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Back To School And The App Store

by Nicole Gorman

Education World

Article excerpt

Back-to-School Prep: What Apps to Download

Graphite by Common Sense Media has compiled a list of must-have mobile apps to download before the first day of class for Most of the apps on the list are of no charge, with only two carrying price tags and both under five dollars, so they’re likely to be within your budget.

Our take

Back-to-School Apps Have Your Back

As back-to-school gets into full swing, both teachers and students are searching for ways to lighten the load. Technology is the obvious go-to source for aid, but with so many options out there it can take significant time simply deciding which tools or apps to use. How can you stay ahead of the curve?

A proliferation of mobile apps can be useful for K-12 educators; but wading through the many options can be time-consuming. Recommendations like these can help teachers more quickly identify those that hold the most promise. From tools for students to more efficiently take, save and find notes, to apps that make it easy for teachers to juggle between various teaching tools.