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Autism Benefiting From New Technology

by Meghan Bogardus Cortez


Article excerpt

3 Ways Technology Can Help Students with Autism

In an article for the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, author Kristie Brown Lofland notes that children with ASD are visual learners, which means technology can be a valuable tool in the learning process.

Our take

Technology’s Unintended Positive Consequences

Technology is holding promise to better connect with, engage, and educate students. One potentially surprising benefit of technology is its use in helping students with learning challenges—like autistic children. How could you incorporate the right technology to meet diverse student needs?

Digital tools can promote confidence, this article points out, allowing students a non-threatening opportunity to engage with content, and to collaborate with others, in ways that can be less intimidating to those with autism. There’s evidence that these experiences may also help to improve person-to-person relationships. Ed tech resources hold promise to help other students with special learning needs as well.