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Assessing Teachers’ Data Needs

by Dennis Pierce

eSchool News

Article excerpt

What teachers want in a data dashboard

For many teachers, access to timely data that helps tailor instruction in meaningful ways is still a challenge, a Gates Foundation report revealed last year. But in a growing number of school systems, this is improving—and the development of more sophisticated data dashboards that can pull together information from a variety of sources, including both formative and summative assessment data, is helping.

Our take

Pulling Assessment Data Together to Show the Big Picture

Data dashboards can be powerful tools for teachers who, likely without exception, appreciate the availability of data to help them improve their techniques and boost student learning outcomes. Too often, though, the data they’re provided isn’t quite what they’re looking for. When is the last time you asked your instructors what they need to help them assess student learning?

There are a variety of ways that teachers can assess learning. The method or tool selected will vary based on the coursework, the student and the desired outcome and, of course, multiple methods may be used. Gathering and reporting all of these inputs in a dashboard format, as this article suggests, can be a good way to provide ongoing snapshots to aid in both assessment and curriculum adjustments and lecture development.