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Assessing Our Kindergarteners

by Joy Resmovits

Los Angeles Times

Article excerpt

Finally, a disturbing trend in education shows signs of reversal

Reardon and his team relied on a massive study conducted by the federal government, which sent staff to about 1,000 kindergartens nationwide to assess children and survey their parents early in the school year in 1998 and again in 2010. The assessors met with kids one on one and asked them questions about words, numbers and colors.

Our take

A Boost in School Readiness for Low Income and Minority Students

In what may represent some really good news about the fight to minimize the school readiness gap between children from high and low income families, a Stanford researcher says progress is being made. While income inequality has grown, and the country is just moving out of a great recession, this researcher has found that the gap has actually narrowed from 1998 to 2010. Both lower income students, and minority students are outpacing their classmates in terms of increase in readiness for kindergarten. Are similar results being seen in your district?

While these results may not be consistent across all geographies, the news is promising. Progress is being driven not only by educators, but through innovative partnerships between education, industry and others.