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Assessing Educators’ Comfort With Data

by Karen Johnson


Article excerpt

Are You a Growth Seeker or Scorekeeper? Take This Quiz to Find Out How You Use Data

No two teachers are alike. Our research involving more than 4,600 educators suggests that while virtually all teachers now use data to inform instruction in some way, how they use data depends on a variety of factors, including their own comfort level with technology and the ability of their schools to support them.

Our take

How Many Mavens Are in Your Midst?

The use of data within, and outside of, the classroom is providing educators with new opportunities to identify what’s working, and what may not be, when it comes to their use of various educational methods and technology tools. But comfort with, and adoption of, data can vary significantly among instructors. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has taken a step to find out; they offer a quiz to help determine which of six categories most reflects your current style and preferences. When it comes to the use of data in the classroom, what kind of teacher are you?

This quiz can not only help you to identify your own current level of comfort with the use of data in education, but can also identify opportunities to expand and enhance your comfort level by adopting new perspectives, and identifying gaps and opportunities. Taking the assessment with several of your colleagues may also spur discussion and identify best practices and opportunities for collaboration and learning.