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Art and Science: The Perfect Pair?

by Hannah Hudson

We Are Teachers

Article excerpt

Plugged-In Art: 4 Art Projects That Blend Creativity & Technology

The fine arts are a rich source of culture for students—but why limit art to simply that? Instead, you can utilize the power of technology to take art out of the box and bring math, science, engineering, history and more to life in your classroom!

Our take

How About a Little Geometry With That Picasso?

Just as parents often attempt to sneak healthy foods to their unsuspecting children, instructors are finding ways to sneak lessons on science, engineering, math and even physics into student engagement with fun technology tools and games. From using Picasso’s cubist paintings to teach geometry to leveraging the colors of the Renaissance to teach science, this article offers four tools that could enrich your classroom with a creative, but applied learning, twist. Could any of these be built into your curriculum?

The answer, of course, will depend on what outcomes you are attempting to achieve, but these examples point to opportunities to engage students based on their innate interests while building in opportunities to learn important skills to prepare them for the future.