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An Argument For Class Cams

by Amir Azarvan

Inside Higher Ed

Article excerpt

The Case for Class Cams

It takes only one problematic student in an otherwise amiable class to cause a teacher to temporarily question his career choice. It’s especially troubling that the proportion of such problematic students appears to be growing.

Our take

You’re on Candid Camera!

Disruptive and otherwise troublesome students may be becoming more common on college campuses. Studies have suggested that a rise in narcissistic behaviors may be leading to more disruptive students who are less likely to follow, or care about, the classroom norms that guided previous generations. That, combined with rising incidents of violence on campuses and in other public venues, creates concern for the safety and security of both students and teachers. Is it time to introduce the use of class cams?

This author, an assistant professor of political science at Georgia Gwinnett College argues in favor of class cams, and makes some solid points about how they might benefit administrators, instructors and students. In truth, given the proliferation of mobile devices that students carry with them to classes, recording may already be taking place. Being proactive in addressing appropriate, and potentially inappropriate, use of these devices could help to ward off privacy or security risks.