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Are You The Next “Teacherpreneur”?

by Emily Schickli and Erica Magnusson


Article excerpt

This Gymnastics Champion Wants to Help You Become a Successful Teacherpreneur

Dale looks like the perfect picture of teacherpreneur success: his resources make bestseller lists on a number of marketplaces including TES; his blog boasts a vibrant community; he has a loyal following on social media; and he still makes time to teach in the classroom and pursue his passion for coaching aerobic gymnastics around the globe (he’s currently in Tokyo judging the Suzuki World Cup).

Our take

Sharing What You Know: In Monetary Ways

As teachers are increasingly challenged to change their teaching methods and curricula to accommodate the advent of new technology options, they may be challenged to come up with ideas and insights on their own. That represents both challenges and opportunity. One opportunity, as this teacher has found, is the ability to monetize what you know by providing your insights to other instructors. Do you have what it takes to be a teacherpreneur?

If you find yourself often sharing advice, ideas and best practices with other teachers around coffee or in PD settings, chances are the answer is “yes.” Based on his own success, Dale Duncan, a gold medal winning aerobic gymnast, musician and teacher shares some tips on how: focus on topics and issues that other teachers are likely to need, don’t just offer what everybody else is offering, take the time to capture and record your instruction in shareable ways (e.g. through blogs, videos, etc.), promote your offerings and connect with other teacherpreneurs for continuous learning.