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Apps: A New Classroom Creation

by David Raths

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Combining the Best of Crowdsourcing, Academic History in a Mobile App

Marshall University history students have the opportunity to contribute to the digital commons through Clio, a free tool that highlights thousands of historical and cultural sites throughout the United States, curated by the crowd.

Our take

Engaging Students in Co-creation

This history professor had an idea for marrying historical narrative with digital device access. With digital natives at universities around the country glued to their mobile phones, there’s opportunity for engagement in ways that stimulate engagement and prompt learning as this example illustrates. How might you leverage student insights and technology to create similar experiences?

There’s a great deal of societal and institutional knowledge not yet captured in easy-to-access ways in the digital environment. Harnessing the talent and interest of today’s college student digital native population holds the promise of educating while creating value for other audiences. Virtually every class on campus could likely come up with a practical application for gathering, generating and sharing valuable information related to their field of study. There are many opportunities for educators to leverage students’ natural gravitation toward technology.