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Annual Hackathon Sparks Creative Young Minds

  • July 01, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

by Hayley Wildeson

Penn State News

Article excerpt

Penn State students win co-sponsored EdTech challenge at HackPSU

The Penn State EdTech Network promotes active collaboration among companies, students, faculty, staff and alumni to foster transformational education technology. It supports Penn State World Campus’ continuous growth, the educational technology work going on throughout Penn State and the global online learning community.

Our take

Bringing Great Minds Together

Opportunities for students to come together to explore and innovate can help identify new technology options. At Penn State, a group called COIL hosts an annual hackathon bringing students together for a 24-hour innovation event. Would a similar event draw interest among your campus communities?

Students, teachers, staff, community members and others represent a rich source of ideas, innovation and inspiration if their enthusiasm and creativity can be captured. These types of events—whether called hackathons or makerspaces—provide a forum for people to come together to learn, explore and share. It’s a great way to provide a forum for connections and a launching point for new ideas.