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Amazon, Microsoft improve cloud storage tools

  • September 11, 2015|
  • 3 years ago

by Mikael Ricknäs

Article excerpt

Amazon, Microsoft strengthen tools to store app and enterprise data in their clouds

Though their new tools are aimed at slightly different audiences, Amazon and Microsoft are pitching the same concepts: scalable capacity, low operating costs and ease of use compared to building an in-house infrastructure.

Our take

The Cloud is Becoming An Increasingly Attractive Storage Option

While cloud adoption in education has lagged behind other industries, administrators and IT leaders are beginning to see some definite benefits of leveraging cloud storage to reduce costs. Security concerns have diminished making cloud technology even more attractive. And now some big players (Microsoft and Amazon) have entered the market with new options that may be particularly attractive for small or rural school systems that lack the capabilities to create and maintain their own backup and disaster recovery systems. If you haven’t already considered, or adopted, cloud technology is it time to make the leap?

Even those educational institutions that are currently using cloud-based services may want to consider these new options. Research suggests that many are not happy with their current vendors; Microsoft and Amazon’s solutions may address these concerns. The cost savings and ease of adoption increasingly help to make the case for cloud storage. As educational needs are changing, Lenovo is committed to building the tools and solutions that empower better outcomes through secure and reliable connectivity and collaboration.